we made it!!!

we are honored and humbled to have the opportunity to participate in some game changing projects, voiturage make sure to execute it part which is the logistics with excellency. 

Thanks to our partners for believing in us

The sandy land getaway 2018

once off in a year, the sandy land getaway

is a day where we all travel together from a local pick up point to sun city. no need to drive

on that day in order to experience the day to fullest we are providing transportation and a full access to sun city

The summer cool-down at stonehaven

What more do you need to cool the heat and kick off the new year than a day at Stoneheaven?

It's situated in Vaal this little bit of paradise has the most amazing boat and view on the Vaalriver


ULT.X at sun city

ULT.X is a huge opportunity for local Skaters and BMX riders to test their skills against the best international talent and get a feel of what their chances are in the Olympics. We’re building a circuit of events so that as many guys and girls who share the Olympic dream have a shot at making it come true

Ladies day off ''make up'' 2019

Sometimes all you need is a day off. Ladies this is for you, secure your Saturday and come relax, talk about everything and at the same time celebrate and learn make up trick while having fun.



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