5 reasons you should take your team out ( benefits of a corporate getaway)

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

From big company to startup , corporate getaways seem to be the new cool way modern companies are spending their breaks and weekends.  Besides being interesting and beautiful to see, are they really beneficial for the company productivity?

Here what we think about corporate getaways.

1. an opportunity to refresh the brain

Bringing the entire crew somewhere new, away from the papers pencils and cubicle they see everyday is a relaxing and joyful experience as they say plus new place, new inspiration

2. It shows love and appreciation

Organizing a getaway for your team shows them how much you care about them and appreciate their hard work. Employees who feel valued and appreciate perform more than what it's expected from them. Show them you care

3. It helps make better decisions

In a more relaxed environment where everyone from different department is gathered, amazing solutions can come out of there. As happy people think outside of the box

4. Expose co-workers hidden talents

You probably hired your employees because they fitted into what you were looking for that position. Going to places where they are not forced to act a certain way, you will discover talents you didn't know existed in your company

5. Know each other a little bit better

There are co-workers who never speak to each other because they are scared or don't feel connected.  There are others suffering from loneliness as nobody want to talk to them

Going away will help you close the gap and break the ice among many employees. They will be less judgmental and more tolerant of others

Bonus benefit

6. Create long lasting memories

Getaways memories will last forever in their hearts.  Even after 10 years they may forget your name, your title, how you look but they will never forget how you made them feel

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