Bakkie and truck for hire(Johannesburg lifestyle)

it has always been complicated to make a living, it's even more complicated to make a living without education. Today in johannesburg meet two of our partners bakkies owners: Delphin and Washington

Those 2 amazing humans beings have decided not to sit and wait for their lives to change, they have decided to be the change in their lives. They have been modestly supporting their loved ones through the bakkie for hire business which is one of the most competitive and less regulated  market in Johannesburg

Being in the transport business for several years now, Delphin and Washington are certainly  experienced and have all the tips when it comes  to render their services. With the smile they work with, we can definitely say that your satisfaction is their priority.

Whether you need a bakkie or a truck for whatever reasons, from moving to your new home to transport your construction tools, dive in the Johannesburg lifestyle and hire them on  It's all about the experience and the closer you feel to your environment.

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