Can the mobility revolution work in Africa?

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

we define the mobility revolution as the change we see happening in the way we move and commute , from car hailing services to driver-less vehicles and all electric for a sustainable future.

The mobility revolution is here,will disrupt almost everything we do on the African continent and we believe for the better.

1. Experience over ownership

With car hailing services such as uber and taxify , we already have access to a car ready to take us wherever we want right in our pocket with a simple internet connection. the future will be where transportation meets the experience, we will have access to any kind of vehicle depending on our mood and needs, transportation will also be the way you Express yourself the Same way you choose your sneakers, watches or handbags. Feeling like a safari?let's reserve your seat on the next 4×4 going at lion park on



2. A more thriving economy

A reliable transportation system means a flowing economy which is translated in people moving from rural areas to urban areas and vice versa. With the coming of electric and smart vehicles , Africa will benefit from a cheaper way to move due to the decrease in fuel expenses and accident related cost. as a result,more and more people will have the opportunity to travel or commute from places to places thus an increase in wealth creation.

3. A more sustainable environment.

My dream about Africa is to reach a point where we build this amazing infrastructure that will benefit the whole continent but in the same time being able to preserve the beauty of the nature . I believe having electric vehicles as our main way of commuting will eventually reduce the air pollution, less fuel storage infrastructure and less oil extraction infrastructure.

In conclusion, something is changing about the way we move and this is the time for Africa to set the standard of the kind of mobility revolution we want to see happening on our continent.

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