Building an empire ( the vw story)

The inspiration

Ferdinand Porsche was an Austrian-German free thinker with a brilliant mind for automotive design, as a teenager in 1900 he designed world's first front-wheel drive car , the concept was so unorthodox that he gained the recognition  and  won many design awards in the automotive industry but later on,  Ferdinand saw what  Henry ford had done with the ford model T in America , got inspired and decided to do the same for Europe; building a small rear-engine affordable car for the people.

Ferdinand tried to present his idea to many European companies of that time but was let down each and every time. From this, he decided to just start his own company

The planning  and building

Ferdinand noted that cars of the day were too tall and not aerodynamic enough, he saw the opportunity to build a car that was slick yet affordable.

While looking for finances , one of his friends introduced him to adolf Hitler, freshly elected chancellor of Germany. at the time believed as the man who would save the germans economy.

After proving his ingenuity, Ferdinand was contracted to make 3 prototype cars by the German government and the outcome of this contract would be Volkswagen's first car;  the beetle

we are in 1937 and the Volkswagen company is born

The Attack

Purely designed for people, a car for everyone it was built to do one thing; move people reliably and economically. After ww2,  the beetle were seen everywhere it was the car that showcased Germany's engineering to the world

The beetle ended up becoming the best selling car model in history

The Expansion

After beetle's success, Ferdinand went on to work on another project  which was very personal; the Porsche 356 , the car that began the Porsche legacy.

In the meantime, the beetle gained worldwide recognition for its reliability due to a higher standard of engineering and quality control.

The success of the beetle allows Volkswagen to acquire Audi in 1965.

In the 80s they acquired seat; the Spanish automotive company.

In 1998 vw would add Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti to its Portfolio.

Two years later they took skoda on board  

in 2010 they acquired the Italian  automotive design company italdesign credited with the creation of the delorean dmc 12 (back to the future series)

in 2012 vw acquired the motorbike company Ducati futher increasing vw status in the automotive industry.

In addition vw also owns man trucks and eventually Porsches

The reins

Today, vw is one of the largest and most valuable companies. 9th on the top 500 fortune list  responsible for producing 13% of all passenger cars globally.

In total they have approximately 340 subsidiaries.

The company has 121 production facilities in 20 European countries and further eleven in America, Asia and Africa. Vw operates in a total of 150 countries.

Besides cars, vw financial services operate in 51 countries and specializes in loans, investment , insurance for both private and business enterprises.

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