How to smash your one day getaway

1.Choose a place that you love:

Even if you are planning to take more than 100 people on your getaway, you should pick a place that speaks to you first, a place you can enjoy and spend a good time , that is the only way you will inspire your people by spreading your positive energy all over them and remember you will be the guide at some point so being familiar with the place is also a necessity

Check the link below to be inspired.

2.Consider your transportation:

One day getaway means taking people from A to B, your getaway starts at the moment your people leave their places, the transportation you provide should provide trust and security to your community about where they are going.

People will not judge the getaway based only on where you are taking them but the getaway as a whole which means transportation included, make sure you offer them the best you can, make them feel important from the start of the journey, VOITURAGE will handle your transportation and tickets selling so you can only focus on what you’re the best at.

 3.Go an extra mile

To be more impactful and get people to remember you, you have to stand out. Provide some special treat to your people, nowadays all is about immortalizing the moment, provide a photographer for  a photo-shoot during the getaway, not enough?pack some snacks to give them on the bus , still want to do more ? Be there for them anytime they need you, talk to everybody, call them by their names and make sure you have everyone on the list..

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