The underdogs of electric vehicles

When you ear talking about electric vehicles we automatically think about Tesla,Rivian or cannoo but The electric vehicle market is a huge industry by itself with hundreds of companies and some of them are doing an amazing job  in  innovating and contributing to the growing of the electric vehicle. Today we will be talking about the underdogs; companies that are not all over the place but changing the game of the car industry. 5. Zero labs

"The past, remade for tomorrow" Using modern engineering to electrify the vintage 4×4 experience. They build beautiful car for those who know and love cars. The best of four vehicles at once 1. Authentic vintage 4×4 2. modern electric vehicle 3. Premium off-roader 4. Modern luxury vehicle

4. Nikola Motors This company is a Beast; one of the most if not the most innovative out there. From revolutionizing the trucking industry with their hydrogen and electric powered trucks offering considerable economic benefits to giving us some cool toys for adults for off-roading and adventure.

3. Panasonic

There's not electric vehicles without batteries. One of the most innovative companies in lithium- ion batteries is Panasonic they supply batteries to a number of global automotive manufacturers including Tesla

2. Gridcars The other aspect of electric vehicles is  charging stations. The more we have the more it gonna reduce range anxiety and make Evs more reliable. The amazing thing with Gridcars is the fact that they are Driven by passion to power the EV and eMobility industry in South Africa; a country where electric vehicles are still insignificant and seems to be fought by the government to protect oil companies.

Gridcars is pushing the conversation forward and we will be happy to it grow all over africa.

1. Evwest How do you get rid of all the combustion engine cars on the road? Let's convert them!! Evwest represents all the companies converting internal combustion engine cars into electric vehicles with an expertise that exceed your imagination.

you will amaze by the process and ingenuity by which they proceed.

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