Things to bring at suncity ( a check list for a beach)

1.Your swimming kit

It’s crazy but people do forget their swimsuits sometimes, don’t be one of them. Check that your swimsuit is in your bag along with your body lotion,towel and slippers the day before the getaway

2. A device with a camera

There’s 97% percent chance that it will be one of the best moment of your life so you want to capture it (pictures are your tickets back to your best moments) charge your phone or camera during The Whole night even if they’re already full

3. You will need to eat at some point

The choice is yours, all your favorite fast foods are there with the same price you find in town or you can choose between others restaurants you will find there but anyway have a small budget for your food

4 .Be ready to have fun

Alone or with your squad you will be sorted.

Forget your work,your studies..this your little moment just for you so turn up and don’t worry about anything

5. Be on time

Set your alarm clock if you need to but after all be on time for your getaway...

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