Thursday 11 July

Top 5 vehicles of the week

5. Hyundai Santa Fe SUV 2020

with this car, Hyundai want to set the bar for the ultimate 7 seater car. thinking about starting a family?the hyundai santa screams "i got my team in back".

learn more about it on carwow

4. BMW X6 2020

Another Suv but this one for the flex with its massive front grill and a coupe style, the x6 comes with the autonomous option which is a must if you look in the the future

3. Mercedes CL45 2020

sleek design as always. Mercedes is for those who appreciate beauty with a wink in the future because of course autonomous option available

2. VW I.D R

it been a while we are talking about the future but the future it here with the VW I.D R the new baby been breaking records like nobody business

read more about it on Techcrunch

1. Mobius Motors

Made by African for African. we chose Mobius for the audacity and the risk they took to produce a low cost vehicle to respond to the continent condition.

go and read about them to learn more on Mobius

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