Thursday 18

Top 5 vehicles of the week

5 Range rover SUV 2020

One of the most recognizable and appreciated car. the range rover SUV 2020 comes this year with an improved version of its imposing design with a hybrid power-train

the range rover keeps it very soft and luxurious interior but yet very practicable.

4. Mercedes Benz EQC

The first fully electric Mercedes Benz car with a 280 miles range, it look futuristic on the exterior but thank god we still have the well designed Mercedes interior.

some people says it's the quietest car they ever driven.

3. Tesla model 3

yeah again the model 3 but this time for his exceptional safety system.

according to carwow the Tesla model 3 is the safest car to be in out there

" thanks to the underlying architecture of the vehicle and its power-train design, which makes the cars more rigid and better protects occupants. The location of the battery also gives the Model 3 and other Tesla vehicles a low center of gravity, which improves handling and reduces the chance of a rollover."~techcrunch

2 Indian's Truck

not only they are the backbone of India's economy, Indian's trucks have became big canvas allowing drivers to express their different beliefs, cultures and history.

By painting their trucks in certain colors, illustrations and forms drivers believe to be under godly protection.

1. The innoson Granite

Solid performance in a African beast, a car made by Africa for African. the innoson Granite is the pick up to have if you call yourself an adventurer or a builder .

Made in Nigeria, we cant wait to see it driving all over the continent

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