Top 5 vehicles of the week ( the technology)

Updated: Mar 21

The way we move is changing like crazy,  at an alarming pace as some peoples may say . My question is who is actually getting it right? This week, 5 company got my attention. Check below to find out why 5. Canoo

Your electric car membership The company is trying to redefine the way we access and interact mobility with a more experience oriented Design. not need to own the car but have it when you need it and finally an engineering that value your desire to have more space Learn more about them here: 4. Kiira

Vehicles built in Uganda With the objective to serve the big population of Africa in a sustainable way , kiira is taking the lead on the continent by building full electric buses. What i really love about this company is the fact that it really defining how  mass mobility for Africa should look like. Check out there  kayoola EVS with a range up to 300 km

3. Rivian skateboard chassis

I have been talking a lot about rivian lately but today my focus is on their flexible skateboard chassis with an independent air suspension system , hydraulic roll control and a QuaD - Motor all- wheel - Drive. Crazy stuff learn more about them: 2. The zero Motorcycle

The company is reminding us what Motorcycle is really about; amazing experiences and Dopeness. I call it the modern Harley Davidson's; with their range of full electric motorcycles, they bring you more power, more range and more fun Probably will be my first motorcycle check them out:

1. Comma_ai

The craziest but the only company who are not building vehicles here. Their promise is that the will make your driving chill by providing a device which runs a software built to improve the autopilot of your car. Basically self driving functionality on your Toyota, Honda and more.. The thing i love about this company is having the idea of one company focusing on the software to bring selfdriving into existence and cars manufacturers focus solely on the engineering

learn about them :

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