Thank you Toyota

Updated: Apr 3

Top 5 cars "a Toyota special"

Affordable, Reliable and built with the powerful mission to revolutionize  the Japanese Manufacturing industry. Today Toyota is a Brand that you cannot escape anywhere you go on planet earth with more than 10 millions car sold in 2019 but today we will talk about Toyota for Africa, models that have influenced my childhood. 

5. The Toyota FJ cruiser

I was probably 16yo when I saw the first FJ cruiser cruising on the land of kolwezi. At first I thought it was the Toyota equivalent of the Hummer but the Fj cruiser takes his origins from the classic FJ land cruiser back in the 1960.

The Fj cruiser is one of the most robust car to ever been  manufactured,  the crazy thing about the FJ cruiser is the fact it still retains its value even after the production have been stopped meaning the car has a very low depreciation cost. . An unapologetic showcase of power in all of your driving experiences.

4 Toyota rav 4

The new model has nothing to do with the first rav 4 that came out in 1994. Personally i was surprised by the transformation of the 4th generation of the rav 4. It went from a car you don't understand why people buy to "damn i want this car"

3. Toyota land-cruiser

I call it the car that have driven on every surface of the earth, the car that gave Toyota it credibility.

You are not a politician if don't own one , the land-cruiser commands respect anywhere it goes. I always thought it was built specifically for the African Market but it's one of the middle east's princes favorite toy too.

2. Toyota Hilux

When someone says off-road driving i automatically think about the Toyota Hilux the best selling Bakkie. I grew up around mining companies so the Toyota Hilux was the car to own.

1. Toyota hiace van

No need to introduce this one , if you ever used public transport in any city of Africa you know what I mean. The Toyota hiace van is the car that moves Africa.

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