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Mobility solutions in Africa  is more about connecting the dots between cities,  between different industries and between people in a more efficient and reliable way than anything else. Today we are working towards a dynamic continent,  a continent where transportation is reliable as running water and finally a continent where transportation and shipping is the last thing to worry about.

I was at a conference organized by Bosh on and met incredible people doing what needs to be done in order to create a border-less and moving Africa.

1. Bonang.Ai (The insurance company of the future)

The future of mobility is about connected vehicles and on board cameras on that account, seizes the opportunity of these technologies to provide a Visual Insurance Platform BY offering a comprehensive range of road attributes, speed limit data and traffic flow information give accurate driver risk profiling for usage-based insurance. learn more :

2. Bwala logistics ( making the economy flow )

Connecting fleet operators with manufacturers , vendors and e-commerce companies to easily position products closer to end customers for a fast, convenient, inexpensive and reliable order-to-delivery end to end experience.

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3. Buupass ( for a border-less africa)

Buupass has the vision to create a border-less continent by providing a market place that provides ticketing solution seamlessly for buses flights and train at the palm of your hand. learn more

4. Dronamics (modern day delivery)

Dronamics is connecting the dots by air with a technology that reduce significantly the current cost of shipping .

To achieve this, they are developing a new type of cargo airplane – small, unmanned and extremely fuel efficient. It can transport 350 KG over 2,500 KM for a cost that's 50%+ lower than other airplanes. It flies autonomously, can be monitored and managed remotely via satellite, and the whole system costs less than a sports car.

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5. Hello tractors ( efficiency in the agriculture)

Connecting you to your tractor and your tractor to the world

Hello Tractor offers technology for smarter, better maintained, and more profitable tractors now powered by artificial intelligence for better and faster decision making.

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6. Hovo ( reliability into trucking )

HOVO is an on demand hauling mobile application for delivering your goods in the fastest way! We’re headquartered in Cairo, Egypt. We provide you service with a hassle-free delivering for any kind of transportation by requesting the nearest truck driver.

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7. Mobility ( marketplace for mechanics)

The first professional fleet management service for all types of companies in Senegal.

Whether you are a small business, SME or major accounts, they answer all your problems: administrative management, maintenance, maintenance and repair, geolocation and monitoring of fuel consumption. learn more:

8. Moja Ride (inclusive mobility services)

Based in Ivory Coast, Moja Ride connects you with all available mode of public transports in your city, helps you pay easily using the Moja Carte or the Moja Wallet App on your smartphone.

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9. Parkcrowdy ( revolutionizing the parking industry)

Parkcrowdy is revolutionalizing the way we pay for parking in Africa. Making it possible to easily find parking spots in your cities and enjoy the convenience of paying with your smartphone.

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10. Naviacom ( have full control of your fleet)

Naviafleet is a secure cloud-based Fleet Management Platform. It provides a friendly, intuitive and collaborative end-user experience. Being available on both Web and Mobile, it will put your fleet at your fingertips.

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11. Motilix ( Take care of your vehicles)

Motilix short for Motor Analytics is a leading provider of remote vehicle diagnostics and strategic business intelligence for the Internet of Things (IoT)

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12. Gometro ( A flexible and reliable way to navigate your city)

Find a train anytime, anywhere: Planning the daily commute has never been easier. With schedules seven days a week, it is as simple as checking the app to be sure of what time to leave home. This also means not having to stand on the platform wondering if and when the train will be arriving. Features include: Line Updates from Metrorail, Journey planner, See stops nearby, Email your boss – to send a direct email to your employer, proving if train delays caused you to be late, Fare rates and Route maps.

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13. Voiturage ( move in a fun way)

Voiturage is a platform that offers and designs the best transportation solution for your favorite destinations.

At voiturage, we believe the experience is not only where you are going but also how you are getting there. we are dedicated to provide the best traveling experience ever. 

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