Uber or taxify ( how to enjoy and feel safe during your ride)

1. Keep some data aside

The party was lit and all but now you have to go home, whatever you’re doing with your phone (posting pictures, chatting and live insta) keep in mind that your car sharing app need data in order to request a ride make sure you have some extra data or the ability to buy your data wherever you’re going out..

2. Make sure you have the right number plate

“Your driver has arrived”, time to say bye to your homies and be on your way out, keep your eyes carefully on your phones check the number plate, make sure it matches with the car outside, if not call your driver via the app but whatever you do don’t jump in any in car it’s dangerous and embarrassing

3. Have small talk with the driver

You are in right car , seat-belt on and ready to go, the first thing to do in a car with a stranger is to build trust, make sure he is the person you saw on the app and he knows what he is doing. Talk to him, ask him if it’s a busy day per example, or where is his favorite place to work..

4 . Share your ride

After the small talk it easy to tell whether your driver is legit and trustworthy otherwise if you feel uncomfortable and unsafe, take your phone and share your ride with a friend or family

5. Don’t let him know that you don’t know the place and constantly check the gps

I don’t know why but apparently we like going places we never been before The best thing to do in this case is to show confidence to your driver show him that you already been there once and you kinda know how to get there and keep your eyes on the gps. Sometimes driver tend to take the longest road just to increase the fare of the ride

6. You can Whats-app but not too much

Remember you need to see where you are going, be online but present in the car and aware of everything happening around you

7. Be friendly with your driver

Drivers are people like you, living their ordinary life and some of them with crazy experiences. Be willing to learn from them and open to new discussions

8. Respect the car

One of the reasons we love those car sharing app is certainly the cleanness of their car, so better do the best to leave it the way you find it..at the of the day you will be home and do whatever you need to do

9. You can report anything on the platform

Still feel uncomfortable about something? There is not reason to get into a fight with your driver, the car sharing app give you the opportunity to rate and report whatever you are not happy with, there’s more the get a refund by reporting on the app than fighting with your driver

10. Don’t forget to give the 5 stars ⭐️

Anyway you are now home, safe and smiling because your ride was pleasant and funny, don’t forget to give the 5 start it will be much appreciated

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