What you should know about Congo (DRC )

At the center of the world,  in the center of Africa this is where the second biggest country of the continent (after Algeria) is located. Congo DRC is known for its rich soil in any kind of mineral you can think of and also known for its controversial politics. However now, thanks to social media we are discovering another face of this amazing country. The side of the country that television and radio rarely talk about,  we are witnessing how blessed and beautiful the country is, largely due to its extremely talented population and its breathtaking diverse and unique nature. You're probably thinking "how come don't I know much about this impressive country?" Well, here are 9+ things you need to know about this giant country

1. It's huge

Congo it's not only limited to Kinshasa ( the capital city) and Lubumbashi (the economic city) , the country has more than 2 million square kilometers. Two time South Africa and almost 3 times Nigeria with 70 cities spread out in 26 provinces. Don't worry you don't have to visit the whole thing at once.

2. It has a very diverse population

Eventually,  a big country means millions of people.  79 millions to be more specific. A very diverse population due to its 250 ethnic groups but don't be surprised if most of Congolese you meet are either Luba, Kongo or Mongo which are the most popular ones. Thanks to the most spoken languages: French,  Swahili and Linguala which have helped bridge  the linguistic variety of all those hectic groups.

3. How to party ?They know how to party

"We have the rhythm and the style in the blood. We have mastered the movement of the waist , resolved the mystery of bringing people together and  challenged the theory of shyness" @lepicassobaby. All that just to say, Congolese know how to give you the time of your life no matter where you come from.

4. You can only find this here 

Exclusively for a unique location. Congo is  honored to be the only country to host the great okapi. In addition to that Congo has a countless number of attractive destinations that we will dive into in the next article about the country

5. Why not the East region?

The country still has some unfinished business going on in that region of the country which does not affect other part of the country for any safety concerns. We highly recommend to have experienced tourist guides and a great security check if you persist in visiting the region.

6. High value oriented population (this is why they are all smart I guess)

I can easily say one of the most conservative country on the planet.  Congolese believe in values. The value of family,  the value of respect for the elder and the value of rightness. 7. The amazing cuisine

Someone told me once, Congolese put mayo in everything. I plead guilty. But seriously  Congolese cuisine is rich in flavors, spices and it is richly diverse .The superstar is Pondu a must try if you ever visit DRC and don't forget the goat meat (called mitshopo in Swahili) grilled on the street

8. We got the cash

Some people say the country is cursed by its mineral resources that causes a lot of trouble and greediness from our politicians but some people have succeeded to turn that curse into a blessing for them which results in a country that works most on cash and US dollars raining in cities like Kolwezi,  Lubumbashi and Kinshasa. Ps: the local currency is the Congolese Franc ( 1 usd = 1665 Congolese franc)

9. The weather

The country lies on the equator and partly host the Congo river basin. This geographic situation gives a hot and humid climate in the river of the basin and cool and dry in the southern with a cold , Apline climate near Rwenzori mountains. Nothing complicated, The country has only 2 seasons. In the South of the equator, the rainy season last from October to May and North of the Equator, from April to November.

10. Explore with Voiturage Congo

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