Why super-cars are hell expensive ( you don't have to own one)

I always been one of those guy who says “ me, i will never spend more than x amount on a car” yeah, i know.. but early 2019 , i decided to go to a super car expo show in sandton organized by @Daytona one of the best if not the best super car dealership in South Africa, my mind was blown away, i never took time to look a super-car this close and in details. Rolls Royce, Lamborghini,  Ferrari , mclaren and more all in the same place

From there i knew that if i have enough money to spoil myself with one of those, i wouldn’t hesitate..

Here why i think super-cars price tag are justified:

1. the exclusivity

accessible to only an extremely small group of the population, once you own one of the cars you are automatically admitted to a closed community

2.The experience

Everything is made in a way that you feel different when driving. The exterior , the interior and even the handle of the vehicle itself feels like paradise.

3.The material

It easy to see that those cars are not made in the same material as your regular car, most of them are made with carbon fiber lighter than steel and provide more strength to the car

4. The technology.

With some motors exceeding 700 horses power, these companies are always on the hunt to make more powerful,lighter and more efficient vehicles. When they can provide something different , they will let you know with the price

5. The performance

No one stays still when they heard the sound of the lambo passing , with an engine going from zero to sixty in less than 3 seconds, they make sure that that owner of the supercar never get bored while driving.

6.The Artwork

It takes six months to build a Bugatti Chiron at hands with 20 employees.These companies don’t use mass production lines like the corporate manufacturers.every part of the cars are designed by hands with love, care and tenderness. They hire artists to construct their cars.

For those reasons i can absolutely put a milli to get one  but the reality is we can not all afford this kind of luxury

That’s where the culture of movement come into play

Voiturage South Africa offer you the opportunity to experience high ends cars without having to own them, we believe  in the experience that transportation can offer that’s why we will always be in the hunt to provide the best experience transportation can offer..

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