check and pick your ride

Mercedes Benz vclass

For the special ones or VIP

this 7 seats vehicle is what you need

Vw T6 kombi

8 seats for a full comfort experiences

on wheels

Hyundai H1

12 seats max with some more space for your luggage 

perfect for your roadtrip

Commuter Buses

 for 48, 53, 60 or more seats..

our selection of buses guaranty you a luxurious travelling experience

Toyota Quantums

14 seater for a more flexible and 

quick way to travel


This one take 22 persons maximum

it gives you a sense of team travelling 

At voiturage we believe that transportation can be more than going from A to B but  another experience that's why we are dedicated in providing the best transportation solutions for all your needs and favorite destinations. 

There's plenty ways for moving between destinations flights,  private vehicles,  shuttles,  public bus, boat,  biking and even horseback. Your destinations,  preferred routes and budget  are important factors to consider when deciding which ones are more suitable for your traveling. While all options may vary in flexibility and comfort,  each is an opportunity to  experience the culture of movement

voiturage   south africa

Why traveling alone when you can join a group of people going in the Same direction..

As they say surrender yourself with people sharing the same purpose plus you save money 

Join a getaway to your favorite destination 

car -sharing service

The more flexible way to move around. hire a sedan, minivan or SUV and experience the culture of movement wherever you are going.

private vehicles

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